Top Web Development Trends in 2018

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Top Web Development Trends in 2018
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March 21, 2024

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The web development industry has been constantly evolving since the inception of the internet. And now it’s 2018. The year anticipated to open up new dimensions of the web development with futuristic technologies like Blockchain, AR/VR and IOT. The year has already begun but there is still a long way. Being a top-tier web development company in India, we have made a list of top web development trends that the industry is going to witness in 2018.

What Will be the Web Development Trend in 2018?

1. Progressive Web Apps(PWAs)
2. AR/VR
3. Blockchain
4. Javascript
5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
6. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
7. Motion UI
8. Secure Socket Layer(SSL)

#1. Progressive Web Apps(PWAs)

PWAs are taking over the mobile web industry. Since many years, developers are trying to provide flawless web experience on mobile. The solution came up as Progressive Web App. Here the concept is to provide native app-like features and experience on web pages. Many corporate behemoths like Twitter, Pinterest, Alibaba and Forbes has already adopted this trend and has reaped the rewards. PWAs are considered as the future of mobile web app development.

Benefits of PWAs

  • Progressive Web Apps are highly responsive and they flawlessly adjust the layout according to any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • PWAs are highly reliable as they can work even in poor network conditions.
  • Installation of PWAs is dead simple and hassle-free. Just one tap and the app is installed and added to the home screen.
  • Even though the Progressive Web Apps are packed with the features, they are extremely lightweight.

#2. AR/VR

With manufacturers making the hardware such as Hololens, Meta and MagicLeap available, the web scene in 2018 is going to change tremendously. AR and VR are unleashing a whole new level of user experience by extending web beyond the flat screens. The new trends seem to indulge the user into the web content with VR as well as blend the content into the user’s environment with AR.

The renowned web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer have already started working on to integrate the VR with their web browsers.

Famous VR/AR Libraries & Frameworks:

#3. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, the next big paradigm after the internet is rising as a dominant trend in web development in 2018. The same technology powering the cryptocurrencies addresses many issues of our current web such as inefficiency and vulnerability.

The blockchain is a trusted, decentralized ledger of the business logic that is shared peer-to-peer. This means it is not governed by a single party but is distributed among the parties who need it. This makes it even immutable as one can not tamper the data among decentralized users. Considering the essence and the features of Blockchain it is going to revolutionize the web forever.

Benefits of Blockchain in web

  • It is almost impossible to corrupt the data as it is distributed across millions of network.
  • Data recorded and shared simultaneously among the parties provide transparency.
  • No intermediaries like Paypal would be required for transactions.

    #4. JavaScript Technologies

    Since past few year JavaScript is the fastest growing language and even in 2018, the trends won’t be any different. Thanks to its speed, simplicity and versatility.

    JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js, Meteor, etc are taking over the web. It’s no longer JavaScript vs others but a fight among JavaScript Technologies to take over the web.

    Many JavaScript technologies provide libraries to support the new trends such as Progressive Web Apps, AR/VR and even Blockchain. JavaScript being synonym for Web is the trend that will be continued in 2018.

    #5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    Responsiveness across different devices plays a vital role in providing better user experience and Google’s AMP is the open-source library that helps to do it. AMP is a simple way to optimize web pages to provide smooth and swift content on the mobile. It helps to cut down the page load time along with the providing smooth content to the user.

    Benefits of AMP

  • AMP optimized pages load instantly
  • Highly responsive and looks natural on small screens
  • Creates better user experience and engagement
  • Supported across different browsers and platforms

#6. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

There is no doubt that what we used to see in the science-fi movies of the 60s has now become reality. The mobile app development has already stepped into the world of AI(artificial intelligence) driven applications and now AI is one of the web development trends of 2018.

The AIs are now helping online chatbots to get smarter through machine learning. Chatbots are not a new concept. But one thing we all can agree on is that chatbots we interacted with in past were not smart enough. Integrating AIs with chatbots is definitely make the user interaction better.

#7. Motion UI

Gaudy UIs are out and minimalistic Web UIs are gaining more popularity. Here the Motion UI comes in to add little embellishments that breathe some life to the simple web pages.

The fact that it is to simple to use with some basic CSS and JavaScript. Secondly, Motion UI gives you multiple parameters to make your animations behave as you want that makes it even more popular. The Motion UI package includes CSS files that give you ready to use instant effects.

You can adopt this new trend to your website with this Motion UI Saas library by Zurb.

#8. Secure Socket Layer(SSL)

Last but not the least SSL certificate in the web URL will be the trend and a required standard for the websites. Since past two decades, the web is built on HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol. However, it is not secure and the information transferred between the user and server is vulnerable. In order to make the web more secure SSL certificate is a must.

Once your website gets an SSL certificate an “s” will be displayed next to http denoting your web app is secure. Many prominent browsers such as Chrome and Mozzila are have started marking HTTP sites with password fields as not secure.

Benefits of SSL

  • Helps you to protect sensitive information
  • Makes your website more authentic
  • Boosts google search ranking
  • Improves customer trust

Wrap Up

The web development industry will never be the same. You see a trend today and a new one arrives tomorrow. But one common thing common among these trends is that they all elevate the user experience and the business to a new height. So, powering your website with the above trends in 2018 will definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

Hope you are benefited reading it. If you find any of the above trends amusing and would like to incorporate it into your website then feel free to contact us for any inquiries. We are a top web development company delivering world-class web solutions to our clients.

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