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AngularJS redefined the way we do user interface development

AngularJS Development Company

We know that AngularJS is a Javascript Framework but what sets it apart? AngularJS overcomes the shortcoming of HTML for declaring static documents and extends HTML attributes with Directives which results into an exceptional environment, one which is dynamic, quick and expressive. This is the reason why we at Techuz offer and are one of the best AngularJS Web app development services in the market. Have a chat with our AngularJS experts in order to learn more on how can this technology benefit you.

  • Web & Mobile Application

    Web & Mobile Application

    As a premier angularjs development company, we provide Rich Web and Mobile app development with AngularJS 2.0 and Ionic Framework.

  • AngularJS Consulting

    AngularJS Consulting

    We provide one of the best AngularJS consulting services due to our rich background and experience in the same. Do not hesitate to contact us for that.

  • Full Stack Development

    Full Stack Development

    Our angularjs development services comprise of using the latest technology stack comprising of AngularJS, NodeJS, Neo4J, MongoDB and BackBoneJS.

  • Manage Cloud Set Up

    Manage Cloud Set Up

    Deploy your app on AWS, Google Cloud or Heroku with scalable infrastructure.

Why Angular JS?

For better differentiation, let’s compare with Jquery. Jquery is a library whereas AngularJS is a Framework. Hence, AngularJS Web Development framework has more power in writing a great application and encourages one to make the code structural, modular and secure.

  • Single Page Applications

    Single Page Applications (SPA)

    AngularJS advance routing helps to create single page applications. The advantage of creating Single Page Application is to create a fluid interface providing the user a complete fulfilling experience on the page.

  • Real-Time Applications

    Real-Time Applications

    We are angularjs web applications developers producing real-time apps e.g. Chat apps, Todo etc. which are convenient with AngularFire or Our AngularJS developers in India integrate AngularJS with stacks like node.js, Grunt & Bower to give engaging real-time applications.

Why Techuz?

You can hire angularjs developer and still be unhappy with the outcome. This happens many times because even though the developer knows the technology, it is but only experience which can enable them to make full use of the technology and it's various features. We at Techuz, a boutique angularjs development company, have expertise and experience with Angularjs enabling us to use the following set of features to the maximum capacity to make your project shape up in the best possible way.

  • Faster

  • Improved
    Application Performance

  • Extended

  • Google

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