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Want to kick-start your career as a junior? Or move up the ladder as a veteran? Or maybe pivot to new technology or career path? We might have the right opportunity for you. Below are the open positions at Techuz. (In case you're wondering, it’s pronounced Tech-us.)

  • Backend Developer (Node JS)

    Experience: 2-3 Years

  • Full Stack Developer (Node + Angular)

    Experience: 3+ Years

  • QA Automation Engineer - Mobile

    Experience: 2+ Years

  • MERN Stack Developer

    Experience: 5 Years

  • UI UX Designer

    Experience: 2-3 Years

Please send your updated resume at[email protected]

Techuz Family

We’re a team you’d enjoy spending time with (except for boring team meetings)

Techuz family
Techuz family
Techuz family
Techuz family
Techuz family

We grow by empowering our people

We have grown substantially over the last decade; the credit goes to our people. And we’re ardent believers that empowering people with right opportunities, environment, and support is the way to move forward. So here’s what you can expect when you work with us.


Work that makes an impact

We’re passionate about building products that impact the world meaningfully. And that not only reflects in the way we work, but also in the clients we choose to work with. Being a part of the Techuz team, you’ll have the opportunities to work on something substantial and make a difference.


Top technologies and tools

We really mean it when we say we're driven by technology. This makes it essential to employ the leading technologies and tools to create and deliver world-class products for our clients. Naturally, you’ll be working hands-on and even learning the market-leading technologies.


Develop a career you love

Working at Techuz extends beyond just doing your job. We encourage our people to develop fulfilling careers, which is an integral part of our company culture. We’ll help you plan your career goals and achieve personal development through promotions, mentoring, training, and even pivoting careers.

Looking for perks?

If you scrolled to this section right away, we already like you.

  • Work-flexibility

    Work flexibility (And we mean it)

    At Techuz, we prioritize people and productivity over policies. So we have thoughtfully created an environment that enables our team to do their finest work while also focusing on their well-being.

  • Create-brand

    Create your personal brand

    Want to showcase your tech knowledge to the world? Want to build a personal brand? Well, we encourage you to write on our company blog (psst... it feels wonderful to get a byline under an article). And don’t worry if you’re not the most skilled writer; our content team will ensure your articles read like Hemingway.

  • Open-concept

    Open office space

    “Human beings weren’t meant to sit in little cubicles, staring at computer screens all day.” These words from Peter Gibbons (Office Space, 1999) hit us really hard. So we brought the change… at least for the former part. We replaced the cramped rows of cubicles with modern, aesthetically pleasing, and more social open office space.

  • Bountiful-beverages

    Bountiful beverages

    At Techuz, drinking beverages is our part-time job. Some regard them as their fuel, while others call them ambrosia. In fact, if beverages were a currency, we would happily accept them as payment. If you have the same passion for the drinks, you’re destined to be on our team. But before that, choose your poison: tea or coffee?

Humble brags in numbers

We're likely already your favorite by this point. But we thought you’d enjoy humble brags.

  • 3x
    Group Copy 2

    Team Size in 5 Years

  • 10
    Group Copy 2

    Years Since Inception

  • 4.9
    Combined Shape 2 Copy

    Average Glassdoor Rating

  • 26

    Average Age of Team Member

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