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Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript-based framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. It has an event-driven architecture and asynchronous I/O model making Node.js unique compared to other web languages (e.g. PHP, .Net). Techuz is a leading NodeJS development company where we have been developing I/O intensive applications (e.g. Chat, Video Sites, Single page app) using mean stack – Node.js, Angular.js, express.js, MongoDB.

Why and where we should use Node.js?

To develop scalable Internet applications, we require a language which is scalable and provides high performance. Node.js meets that need quite efficiently and due to event-driven model, it can handle many concurrent requests at the same time and easily scalable over cloud environments.

  • Chat Application

    Chat Application

    Using WebSockets and express.js, Node.js is the optimum choice to build a lightweight, data-intensive, low processing chat application.

  • Data Streaming

    Data Streaming

    Real-time audio and video data encoding are utilized with Node.js during data upload, simultaneous processing is possible too.

  • Server-side Proxy

    Server-side Proxy

    Node.js can handle server-side proxy with ease when collecting data from multiple source points with a different response rate.

  • Analytics & Monitoring tools

    Analytics & Monitoring tools

    Most of the large Analytics and Monitoring tool companies use node.js to handle a large amount of request and process them to get desired output.

Node Packages we have been working on

  • Express

    Express is a framework for node.js which allows setting up middleware and define routing to handle HTTP request.

  • Winston

    Winston is designed to be a simple and universal logging library with support for multiple types of transport.

  • Express-session

    For managing session in Node.js.

  • Connect-Redis

    We use Redis database to store session data.

  • Path

    The path module provides utilities for working with file and directory paths.

  • Mongo-morgan

    For insertion of log in MongoDB.

Why Techuz?

By reading the above information you must have become familiar with NodeJS, the advantages it offers and why to use it. We at Techuz started providing nodejs development services to our clients when we realised the power of this technology. Shifting from a pure server side scripting language to nodejs was not easy, but our developers mastered the language and soon we started providing nodejs web development solutions.

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