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We love building exceptional products.

Well, that’s what drives us to our desks every day — building products that delight users, that solve business challenges, that make the world a better place, and that deliver promises. And, yes, we can do it for you too.

We've helped businesses increase their revenue on an average by 90% in their first year with us!

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What can you expect from us.

Highly skilled people

Techuz is known for its exceptionally skilled team, who are best in class in their fields and technologies. We are extremely diligent in selecting our team members and only hire people who comply with our high-quality standards and company culture. We are also focused on investing in our people and keeping them up to date with the latest skills and trends. So working with Techuz means you’re working with the best of the best talents in the industry.

Tested and efficient process

With hundreds of projects delivered in the last decade, we have tested and optimized our process for maximum efficiency. Working with us will ensure you get speedy delivery, adaptability, predictability, and tangible results. All in all, your product development will be handled to maximize the value.

Unmatched ROI

We know product development is a huge investment. But when you do it right, with the right development partner, the returns you reap are even more massive. At Techuz, we’re committed to making it possible. We provide unparalleled quality, expertise, and experience to each of our clients for maximum return on investment.

Strive for excellence, passion for action, creator-friendly & customer-centric

Meet our your team.

We’re a team of experts from various disciplines—technology, design, business, media—passionate about creating and delivering excellent products.

  • Vaibhav Shah

    Vaibhav Shah


  • Ankush Mathur

    Ankush Mathur

    Tech Project Manager

  • Nilesh Kadivar

    Nilesh Kadivar

    Marketing Lead

  • Jainam Shah

    Jainam Shah

    JavaScript Lead

  • Saurabh Ramani

    Saurabh Ramani

    MERN Lead

  • Ahmed Chamadia

    Ahmed Chamadia

    Mobile Lead

  • Mayank Mishra

    Mayank Mishra

    Frontend Lead

  • Vishal Parvani

    Vishal Parvani

    UI/UX Lead

  • Goldy Benedict

    Goldy Benedict

    Content Lead

  • Mayur Ghadia

    Mayur Ghadia

    PHP Lead

  • Manohar Kumar

    Manohar Kumar

    QA Lead

  • Jinal Raval

    Jinal Raval

    Sr. HR

  • Sandeep K

    Sandeep K

    Sr. Full Stack Developer
  • Sanjay B

    Sanjay B

    Sr. Full Stack Developer
  • Ketan P

    Ketan P

    Sr. React Developer
  • Rahul K

    Rahul K

    Sr. Node Developer
  • Jitendra Singh

    Jitendra Singh

    Sr. Node Developer
  • Mahavir J

    Mahavir J

    Sr. iOS Developer
  • Sugam P

    Sugam P

    Sr. PHP Developer
  • Joy Z

    Joy Z

    Sr. WordPress Developer
  • Shefali P

    Shefali P

    Sr. UI/UX Designer
  • Heena


    Sr. HTML Developer
  • Ravina Vachheta

    Ravina Vachheta

    Full Stack Developer
  • Zankhana M

    Zankhana M

    Full Stack Developer
  • Mukesh P

    Mukesh P

    Full Stack Developer
  • Kamlesh M

    Kamlesh M

    Full Stack Developer
  • Krutik R

    Krutik R

    Full Stack Developer
  • Priyaba Z

    Priyaba Z

    Full Stack Developer
  • Suraj J

    Suraj J

    Full Stack Developer
  • Subham B

    Subham B

    Full Stack Developer
  • Brijesh K

    Brijesh K

    Full Stack Developer
  • Jenish P

    Jenish P

    Full Stack Developer
  • Jeet M

    Jeet M

    Full Stack Developer
  • Chanchal


    Full Stack Developer
  • Chirag K

    Chirag K

    WordPress Developer
  • Hasmat Patel

    Hasmat Patel

    HTML Developer
  • Muskan


    HR Generalist
  • Aakansha


    Marketing Consultant
  • Pallavi D

    Pallavi D

    Frontend Developer
  • Megha J

    Megha J

    Frontend Developer
  • Sourabh P

    Sourabh P

    Frontend Developer
  • Twinkle S

    Twinkle S

    Frontend Developer
  • Yash K

    Yash K

    Jr. Frontend Developer
  • Krishna


    Jr. Frontend Developer
  • Saurav P

    Saurav P

    UI/UX Designer
  • Sovran P

    Sovran P

    Android Developer
  • Vikram C

    Vikram C

    Business Analyst
  • Chirag S

    Chirag S

    Flutter Developer
  • Dhrumil S

    Dhrumil S

    Flutter Developer
  • Pratik G

    Pratik G

    QA Engineer
  • Sunny P

    Sunny P

    Jr. QA Engineer
  • Jainam Shah

    Jainam Shah

    Jr. QA Engineer
  • Shivam B

    Shivam B

  • Shreyasi


    Content Writer
  • Siddh seth

    Siddh seth

    Software Engineer Trainee
  • Anil Saini

    Anil Saini

    Software Engineer Trainee
  • Savan patel

    Savan patel

    Software Engineer Trainee
  • Samyak Sankhesara

    Samyak Sankhesara

    Software Engineer Trainee
  • Arpit Dobariya

    Arpit Dobariya

    Software Engineer Trainee
  • Keshav soni

    Keshav soni

    Software Engineer Trainee

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