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Enable the Superpower of Android with Our Android App Development Service

If He-Man had the power of GreySkull then even you are bestowed with a superpower. The power of Android OS! And at Techuz, we help you to unleash this superpower to transcend your business goals. Android is the most popular OS in the world. More than 80% of the world’s smartphones are powered by Android OS. That is an eye-popping 2.024 billion users! Now you know what an Android app can do for your business. Being the top Android application development company we help you to leverage the power of Android to ascend your business. Whatever your need may be, whether you need an Android app for marketing or organizing, to convert your vision into a start-up, or maybe you just want to explore the market to earn some income, at Techuz we understand all your expectations. So keeping in mind all your needs, we craft a customized Android solution for you that helps you to achieve your goals.

Our Android Development Expertise and Offerings

  • 1
    Customized Android App Development
  • 2
    Trending Technologies
  • 3
    Internet of Things
  • 4
    AR and VR apps

We have proficient Android developers for developing interactive Android apps that are compatible with Mobile Phones, Tablets, Wearable Gadgets and even all Android versions. Our apps handle memory leaks effectively scrutinizing the size of the app and are powered by minutely crafted quality code and reusable components for avoiding reinventing wheel. All these make a difference! We are expert in developing all kinds of apps under the sun. Some of them are as follows:

  • Business apps

  • News and Media apps

  • Payments and E-Wallet apps

  • Travel and Utility apps

  • Security apps

  • Multimedia apps

  • Gaming apps

  • Sports and Fitness apps

  • eCommerce apps

  • Health and Fitness apps

  • AI-driven Mobile apps

We make sure that the apps we develop are state of the art and provide each and every feature that the user is looking for. In order to do so, we use the latest tools and technologies for developing your Android app. With this fusion of latest technology, coding standards and our expertise, we craft your majestic Android application.

  • Latest version Android Studio(v3.0.1)

  • Dependency injection like Butterknife, Data binding and Dagger 2

  • Kotlin language for app development

  • Java 8 Lambda Expression for clear and optimized code

  • RXJava for reactive functional programming

  • Product Flavours for different variants of the same app

  • Android Architecture Components for robust, scalable and maintainable apps

Step into the future with our sophisticated Internet of Things apps or to be more specific Android Things apps. Using the Android ecosystem and Google APIs for IoT, we built customized, feature-rich and scalable IoT solutions for our clients. We cater our IoT app development service to an extensive list of industries such as infrastructure, smart home, automobiles, retail, logistics, travel, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare and fitness. So, power your devices with our futuristic Internet of Things development for Android.

AR and VR technology have opened new dimensions of user experience and interactivity. The basic motto of AR and VR is to blend the digital content into the real life of the user providing them life-like experience. We are proficient in developing enchanting AR and VR apps using various AR SDK and Google VR SDK. Have a chat with us to hire our Android developers to build your AR and VR apps.

Hire Professional Android Developers

Hire our dedicated team of Android Developers to build apps that appeal the mass users. Our developers help our clients to write their success story with the apps that stand out from the crowd. Techuz has experience, full-proof methodologies, latest Android tools and technology, best code quality and zest to deliver promises that makes us one of the best Android app development companies on the planet! Hire our Android developers for your next Android app project!

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I didn't want a firm who would just develop my website but a firm who can strategize and provide architectural help for my brand. Techuz has fulfilled all my expectations to establish my brand Mr Button. Now I am running a successful e-commerce store in India. I will highly recommend Techuz as integral Web solution provider as they understand the business needs.

The team has delivered our requirements successfully and we are very content with the results. Communication with the team was great. They quickly understand requirements, ask questions for further clarification, provide clear feedback & updates and are easily available for alignment calls. We would recommend Techuz for web design, development and deployment projects. We are even looking forward to working with Vaibhav and his team for our new project.

Thanks for the good work. Great WordPress knowledge. This job was quick and efficient, they followed my instructions and tasks quite easily and also had a timely plan. Weekly Skype calls and direct communication also helped the project succeed. They are great developers and I’d be happy to recommend them to those who have a job related to WordPress.

Techuz team worked on changes in our app to polish the product. Getting the final details correct has made a massive difference. Thanks to Mahavir and the team. We are delighted with the Play More Tennis App and looking forward to working with them in the future. Given the complexity of the project, I'm very pleased with the way it progressed and its final outcomes.

Deepak, MD

Mr Button

Maurice, Founder


Görkem, Co-Founder


Brian, Project Manager