React Vs Vue: Which is Better for UI Development?

React Vs Vue: Which is Better for UI Development?
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March 21, 2024

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In recent years, front-end frameworks and libraries have sprouted like weeds leaving you in a dilemma to choose one. Earlier we discussed Angular vs React vs Vue.js-Which one is perfect for your project. But today we will be comparing Vue.js and React.js, the two similar technologies that have been used widely by web developers in India and across the globe.

Being a top web development company we have tried and tested both the technologies on various projects. It is a fact that both of the technologies stood on the test of client’s needs. While React outshined Vue in some situations, there were some instances Vue came up as a winner. Keep reading to find out which one would be the best fit for you.

Introducing the Competitors: React.js and Vue.js


React.js is a JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook. Released in 2013, initially, it was developed to create user interfaces but now it has spread its wings in mobile, IOT and AR/VR development too. Its characteristic of versatility and providing freedom has made it one of the most popular JavaScript technology among web developers.

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On the other hand, Vue.js is a new kid in the town known for being the lightest JavaScript framework. Developed and released in 2014 by Evan You, an ex-Google employee who has worked on several Angular projects. In recent years it has gained immense popularity for the fact that it is the leanest and simplest of all frameworks and libraries out there.

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Though React is a library and Vue.js is a framework, they share a lot of similarities. In fact, Vue.js, on its website says,

“React and Vue.js share many similarities. They both:
– utilize a virtual DOM
– provide reactive and composable view components
– maintain focus in the core library, with concerns such as routing and global state management handled by companion libraries”

With that said, let’s compare React and Vue.

React is For You if You are Looking For:

A technology backed by a huge name

When it comes to reliability a question always comes in the mind, “Who is the creator of the technology?”. If a technology is backed by a huge name you’ll naturally feel more secure to go with it. And react is backed by Facebook.

You might ask, “So, is Vue.js unreliable?”

No, not at all. Even Vue has a huge community and that’s quite active and is growing at a faster rate. Even big names like Alibaba, Xiaomi and Gitlabs have shown faith in it; however, if you are spending thousands of dollars on your project, we would recommend you to go with a technology that has been in the market for a longer time and is backed by a huge name.

Freedom to build the app in your own way

While React and Vue are both know for its flexibility, the former has some edge over Vue because it is a library, not a framework. With react, there are no rules or limitation just like an open world game.

So, you get to build your project in your own way. However, you must keep in mind that with no rules, mistakes are more prone to happen. React seamlessly integrates with other 3rd party packages and libraries. This is one of the features that separates react from its competitors.

Cross-platform mobile app

In recent time, React Native has received a huge shout-out from developers around the globe. And the reason behind is that it has made the life of the developers easier by providing shorter development cycles and instant deployment of apps. Earlier, while developing an Android or iOS app an entirely different code were to be written for both the platforms. This consumes more time and energy as both the code were to be written from a scratch.

To solve this problem, Facebook launched React Native that helps to develop cross-platform apps by reusing the same code. Some of the world famous mobile apps such as – Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Tesla, Wallmart, etc. are made using React Native.

An ecosystem

If your project is not confined to just a web app and you need a technology to satisfies the legion of your needs that includes single page apps, Progressive Web Apps, mobile apps, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, etc. then no framework or library can be better than React. It is a complete ecosystem with thousands of third-party libraries and packages available out there.

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Full JavaScript functionality

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If you are one of the guys who loves JavaSCript then  React is the best match for you. In React, everything is JavaScript. From the structures of HTML expressed via JSX to the CSS management. JSX is a bit advanced compared to the templates in Vue that gives it the advantage of using the full ability of JavaScript to build the view and tooling support.

Vue.js is Perfect for Your Project if You Need:

A light but powerful framework

When compared to the giants such as React and Angular, Vue is “David” of the JavaScript. Though React is quite lightweight with the gzipped file size of 43K, Vue is almost half in size with 23K. Even though it is lightest in size, it is extremely badass in performance. Check this benchmarks.

Working with templates

As we discussed earlier, React follows “all JavaScript approach” while Vue.js offers templates by default. So, if you are an HTML developer or you like the traditional approach, working with a template provided by Vue will be a lot easier. However, Vue also offers the render function, in case you need to use the full programmatic power of JavaScript.

Simple setup and amicable code

Among all the JavaScript technology Vue holds the reputation of being the simplest and easiest. Code written in Vue are cleanest and maintainable. It is extremely easy to set-up, has rich and detailed documentation and even simpler to plug in the existing code. So, if you are looking for an easy set-up or want a clean and maintainable code, choose Vue.js development for your project.

Easy to learn

Vue has acquired a huge community in a small span of time. This is because developers enjoy its simplicity and is easy to understand. Due to its simple structure, it makes it easier for the web developer to spot any errors. And its documentation will be the only tutorial you’ll need.

Wrap Up

Both React and Vue has stood to the litmus test of web app development. They both share quite similarities but choosing one depending on the project needs can maximize the benefits. Hope you enjoyed reading it. If you would like to know more how these JavaScript technologies can be beneficial to you, feel free to get in touch with us. We are Techuz, a top web development company in India, providing JavaScript solutions all around the globe.

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