5 Reasons Why React Native is Best for Hybrid App Development

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5 Reasons Why React Native is Best for Hybrid App Development
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March 21, 2024

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To give customers a convenient experience of doing online trade, every business is looking for the best mobile app development company to get their application build with the top-class solutions. This makes mobile app developers look out for innovative ways and efficient solutions to fulfil the needs of their clients within set deadlines. And, React Native is the absolute key to their needs of a hybrid app development.

The present mobile world is mainly split into two operating systems, viz., Android and iOS, developing a mobile application which supports and runs on both the platforms is truly a troublesome job for the app developers. Keeping the same perspective in mind, Facebook launched React Native which helps developers to reuse the code written for either of the two operating systems on the other platform as well instead of starting the coding process from the scratch.

The developers prefer shorter development cycles and instant deployment of apps without affecting the app’s performance and quality. This asks for making the right choice amongst the available frameworks.

Facebook’s React Native is a mobile framework which is just not adding the sense of ease to the lives of the mobile app developers in India and across the world but also assisting them to develop revolutionary applications for their clients.

Some of the applications built using React Native include the famous social media giant, Facebook, the popular image-sharing social app, Instagram, the trust-worthy business communication app, Skype, Walmart, Airbnb and the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla.

Let’s take a look at the benefits React Native brings to the table.

1. It Supports Both iOS & Android – ‘Supportive’

Because of the two different operating systems which are majorly being used by the customers across the world, the primary challenge for the mobile app development companies is to choose one ahead of the other. But Facebook made it easy by introducing React Native. It supports both iOS and Android making it convenient for the app developers to use the same code for both the platforms without writing it from the scratch.

2. It is Compatible with Third-Party Apps – ‘Compatibility’

Third-party integration is extremely easy and does not hamper the quality of code written. It is definitely another reason that makes React Native appreciative. With this, the device benefits from the functionalities of the third-party applications. The integrated APIs do not put an extra load on the device due to which the operations get smoother and results are churned out as intended.

3. It’s All About UI – ‘Focused’

The user interface is the first interaction layer between the application and its user. And as they say ‘first impression is the last impression’. Hence, compromising on UI doesn’t do any good to your business and your brand, rather it invites negative feedback and instant uninstalls. It is the foremost responsibility of the app designers and developers to produce the best-in-class user interface. React Native helps the mobile application development company in achieving such objective in the best way because of its UI-centric approach.

In comparison with the other JavaScript frameworks like Angular JS and Meteor JS, the React Native is found to be more UI-focused with the major aim of making it “JavaScript Library” than just a framework which ultimately smoothens the application processing.

4. It Saves Time & Money – ‘Efficiency’

By using ReactJS, it offers the native experience to the clients with a high degree of responsiveness, high speed, agility, and the best user experience altogether. It is also known for covering the popular UI library of Facebook. In addition to this, the React Native transmits the DOM abstractions due to which the programming becomes simplified for hybrid app development.

5. It is Easy to Use – ‘Straightforwardness’

Another benefit that we can consider as provided by the React Native to the mobile app development companies is its nature of being used easily. If you hold a strong grip over JavaScript, then ReactJS will definitely not be bothering you in any way. You can conveniently learn to code with React Native and build a sound mobile application.

With a radical change in the information technology, the app developers are bidding goodbye to the conventional methods and embracing the evolution to build mobile applications which are up-to-date. In such a fast-paced environment, writing codes of the same app from scratch for two different platforms is tedious and needs to be avoided.

React Native has brought a great relief to the application developers in this context. With a bundle of benefits that it brings along with, it has been able to grasp the attention of the mobile app development companies in India where online business is growing rapidly and so the need of hybrid app development.

 Closing Up

To summarise here, we can simply call React Native the future of the mobile app development. Being a product of a rich and famous brand, it has already attained the trust and reliability of the app developers across the world. Because of its exceptional traits, today React Native is the preferred platform for hybrid app development all around. So you too must make sure that the mobile app development company that you have hired for your business uses the same platform to build the quintessential mobile application.

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