Why is Magento the Hot Favourite for developing E-Commerce Website?

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Why is Magento the Hot Favourite for developing E-Commerce Website?
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March 21, 2024

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Do you wish to start an e-commerce business and looking for a reliable and secure CMS platform that can provide flexibility to your website? Well, Magento is what fits the bill. Being an open-source PHP based e-commerce platform, Magento can manage the functionality, appearance and the look of the e-commerce store more effectively than any other CMS. This is why it is among the first choices of the web development companies indulged in building e-commerce websites for their clients.

No business is same, the requirements, processes, and business practices of each vary. It is rare to find any two e-commerce companies which have needs in common. Hence, an ideal and favourable e-commerce system has to be very flexible, and Magento is exactly the same. It is considered to be the most powerful CMS system that’s apt for online businesses.

An e-commerce website survey was conducted in the year 2016 in which Magento was chosen to be the favourite e-commerce system of the clients across the world and there are approximately 58% websites on the Internet which are made using the Magento.

If 58% of the total website owners have chosen Magento for their e-commerce store, there is definitely something special about it, isn’t it?

Let’s get deep and find out the major reasons why it is the preferred as well as the best e-commerce web development framework in the world.

1. Open Source

What else would you want when you can get the best e-commerce system at no cost? Yes, you heard it right! Magento is a freely available. It can be downloaded from its official website without bearing any cost or extra efforts. However, there is a premium or paid version also for those who are looking for a more specific system for their e-commerce stores.

2. Complete Package

Everything on a single platform. Magento contains all the required modules which are necessary to build the e-commerce web application effective. Whether you need the dashboard, or product inventory system, or cart module, or checkout module, or invoice system, or other related modules, you can find everything in the single package.

3. Accessible on Every Host

No matter whether you have Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or any other hosting service, Magento doesn’t care about that. There are no specific rules or requirements, you just need to opt for the Magento hosting server for your e-commerce web application, and you can access it anywhere.

4. No Size Limitation

Small, medium or large, whatever be the size of your e-commerce store, Magento will suit it perfectly. You can upload as many products as you want on your store, and this PHP-based framework will handle them smoothly without any interruptions.

5. Module Customization

If you have any personalized requirement for your web system, you can easily get it done for any module you want. What you need to do is just visit the files, write your codes and it’s done. However, for doing so, you need to follow the Zend framework on which the Magento framework is developed.

6. SEO Friendly

Marketing is made easier by Magento! Being an SEO-friendly CMS, it helps in gaining better ranks on Google and other search engines. Your online presence gets enhanced, which means increase in visibility and reach too. The chances of conversions get higher as ranking on the first page of Google search results will invite new interactions and potential leads.

So now, you must have understood why web developers in India as well as across the world are willing to choose Magento for the e-commerce websites. Let’s move further to know more about its importance for your online store.

What Makes Magento a Must-Have for Web Development Company?

Here are some of the common features due to which the web development companies have Magento as their primary choice –

1.  Simple & easy-to-use
2. Responsive
3. Popular & reliable
4. Secure
5. Enhances performance
6. Extensions & updates are easy
7. Compatible
8. Management of large databases

Results Speak Louder than Words

Let’s now talk about the numbers! Yes, the scores that Magento has attained because of the stupendous services that it has delivered till date across the globe.

– Magento is ranked second among the most popular e-commerce platforms with 17% of the market share among top 100k websites. (Magento CE & Magento Enterprise combined, July 2017)

– In 2014, its market share reached to the list of top 30 most popular e-commerce solutions across the globe irrespective of the tough competition.

– In 2013, it got recognized as the most popular e-commerce web development solution in the world.

– More than 2,00,000 online store owners have chosen Magento for their e-commerce web application development, making it a preferred choice.

Apart from this, there are global brands like Ford, Samsung, Olympus, etc., which have trusted the potential of Magento and are successfully managing their systems. And thus, there isn’t any need of giving guarantees for a platform which is favoured by world’s top multinational brands.

 Summing up

In today’s era, where competition is at its highest peak, you have to be more specific while taking decisions and making choices. In the e-commerce world, your website’s presence and functionality speak about your business standards. So you have to put more efforts for making your presence felt, and be a preference rather than an option.

Magento can be the perfect partner in your journey. It isn’t a tailored-made solution but a system that you can tailor the way you want to as per your needs. Make most of it by banking on its characteristics and take your e-commerce business to new heights.

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