Benefits of Hiring Web Developers from India

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Benefits of Hiring Web Developers from India
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March 21, 2024

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Thinking of building a website but unaware of the notions and skeptical about ‘Which Company to Appoint?’ or probably ‘From Which Country’? We are glad to share that you have landed on the right web page. In today’s read, we’ll list down reasons on why you need to bank on Indian web developers or a web development company in India for your next project.

Before we begin, it is vital for you to understand the importance of right personnel especially in the technology domain where trends change quickly, new notions get adopted rapidly and last but not the least multiple resources are needed to start off on the right note.

A specialized team of keen and knowledgeable web developers, designers, quality and business analysts can help you sail the boat to the success shores.
There are chances that you don’t find the right resource locally. The shortage of funds may ask you to research a bit more to hire someone worthy and within budget. In hunt of those skilled and budgeted professionals or web developers, businesses reach out to offshore web development companies.

Top Advantages to Hiring Web Developers from India

Every business demands a website today. Also, they want to get the needful done with utmost quality, under expert supervision and within budget. To get desired results, an Indian web application development company is highly recommended. Know the reasons for the same in the following section.

#1. Cost-effectiveness

The first and foremost reason would be the cost-effective nature of the companies based out of India. The agencies in India provide quality at affordable pricing due to a vast labour pool that’s talented, skilled, experienced and aware of present-day notions of technology domain.
With rates for Indian web developers averaging at $18-$30 per hour, outsourcing your project to India will definitely be one of the wisest decisions of your life.

Here’s a quick view of hourly rates charged by developers around the globe.

  • Developers from Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia charge around $30-$40 per hour
  • Agencies in China charge similar to other ASEAN countries ($30-$40), however, their hourly rates are currently on the rise
  • Latin American web development companies ask $30-$40 per hour for basic projects and for experienced resources their hourly price go as high up to $50
  • Companies situated in Africa can offer IT services at a price of $20-$30 per hour and extended experienced support at $40-$50 per hour
  • Eastern Europe is cheap neither, web development charges start at $25-$35 per hour going up to $45-$55 per hour for quality work.

Topping the charts are companies in Western Europe and North America that ask for close to $100 per hour.

#2.  Unwavering commitment

You can expect them to be committed till the time your project is completed and delivered and even beyond for that matter. Nurtured under an umbrella of moral values and customs, web developers in India are dedicated towards their work and show a high level of professionalism that certainly adds to why you need to watch out for web development companies in India for your next project.

#3.   State-of-the-art technology

Technology domain is evolving and so do the developers around the globe. Developers in India and across other geographies are constantly learning and evolving. They learn new techniques, get acquainted with latest frameworks and upgrade their skills to keep pace with changing space and serve clients with the state-of-the-art technology solutions. They strive to offer better than the best to their clients and do not limit themselves to a handful of resources, which is the key to their stupendous growth in the recent times.

#4. Quality assurance

There is a misconception that web development companies in India work at cheap pricing and thus does not adhere to quality. Yes, their pricing is on the lower side but certainly not the quality. You can bank on them for providing high-quality IT solutions. The developers in India are vastly experienced, skilled and are often regarded as consistent learners, which help them stay up-to-date with modern procedures, mould their ways of operation, if necessary and eventually deliver intended results.

#5. Easily accessible

Don’t be apprehensive about communication being hampered due to different time-zones. The developers in India are highly professional and very particular about client satisfaction. They always keep clients in the loop, share updates regularly and make them aware of the proceedings in the backdrop. They can be accessed anytime via emails, chats, phones or even social networks.

It won’t come as a surprise if you feel sitting adjacent to the team’s room in a separate cabin and discussing updates with the team lead or the manager, after a few days of project commencement- it’s possible, predominately because of their transparent communication and service ethics.

Have you made up your mind to hire web developers from India yet?

If yes, we are at your service! We are multi-dimensional software consulting and web development firm based out of India, servicing clients for more than half a decade now. We make ground-breaking applications from scratch based on your requirements, just for you. If interested, feel free to get in touch.

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