What Questions You Must Ask While Hiring a Web Development Company?

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What Questions You Must Ask While Hiring a Web Development Company?
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May 1, 2019

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Hiring a web development company can be a baffling task as there are thousands of agencies available out there. And you really want to hire the right company.

So, how can you make sure that the company you are hiring is the right choice?

Previously we explained the 6 factors you must consider while hiring remote developers and today we have made a list the questions that you must ask while hiring a web development company.

The list of questions is long but for your convenience, we have skimmed the important ones and divided it into distinct categories.

The questions can be divided into following categories:

  1. Questions related to project and management
  2. Questions related to design and development
  3. Questions related to pricing
  4. Questions related to the company

Questions Related to Team and Project Management

1. How do you manage and develop a project?

Generally, the web development process is divided into various stages. They are- gathering information, planning, design, development, testing and the launch. Asking about the project management process of the company will allow you to know how your website will be developed. You can get to know various stages of the web development process along with the estimated timeline.

2. Do you handle all development work in-house or do you outsource it?

Some web development companies design and develop the entire project in-house while some outsource particular components for cost-effectiveness and expertise. It’s necessary that whole work is handled in-house rather than outsourcing because you have interacted and hired the development company, not a random third-party whom you don’t know. You must hire a firm that has its own designers, developers and rest of the necessary staff.

3. How many developers will be working on the project?

The number of persons working on your project depends on the scope and size of your project. Each company has at least one member of each team, i.e. design, frontend, backend, copywriting, etc. You must know how many persons will be working on the project. That said you must even know who will be working on the projects and what is their experience and qualifications.

4. What is the experience and qualification of the developers working on the project?

You never wish to have a website developed with spaghetti codes by armature developers, do you? It’s quite important to know the expertise and experience of the developers and designers working on your project. You can have a personal interview on skype with the team and refer the past projects they have worked on.

Questions Related to Design and Development 

5. How long will it take to complete my website?

You may need your website delivered at a specific time and might not like the unwanted delays. The duration of the project largely depends on the complexity and size of the project as well as the expertise and experience of the developers. Generally, the web development company provides the deadlines and the required hours of each task while sharing the estimates of the project.

6. How many pages will my website be?

The number of pages is determined by the content of your website. The more content you have the more web pages required. You must discuss with the company the number of pages of your website according to the needs. It may include the pages such as company, services, products, portfolio, case studies, blog, contact us, careers, etc.

7. Can you make the website responsive and compatible with different devices?

This is one of the most important questions you must ask the web development company. Responsiveness across different devices is quite important nowadays because the users not only access the web on a desktop but even on the mobile phones and tablets devices. In fact, according to a research, the global internet traffic in 2017 was dominated by mobile devices with 52.64% of web page views worldwide.

8. How would I check the progress of the website?

You really want to make sure that your website is built just the way you want. The best way to do that is to check the progress of the website while developing. Many web development companies do offer to view the developing website for inspection.

Questions Related to Pricing

9. How do you price your services?

Web development companies generally price their services on an hourly basis or a flat price for the whole project. This price may depend on the experience and skill of the company and even the scope of the project. A website development company may ask you several questions to understand your needs, brand and research provide you a quote.

10. What would be the bill if I would like to add additional features after the agreeing to the initial deliverables?

Many times, after the development has begun it happens that you wish to add additional features or some additional work that is outside the scope of initial deliverables. It is better to ask the cost and billing procedure of the additional work in the initial stage to have a clear idea of the pricing.

Questions Related to the Company

11. Do you provide complete end-to-end development service?

Some web development companies provide end-to-end development services while some are proficient with particularly front-end or backend. While hiring a firm you must if the firm is proficient in full end-to-end service, from designing the frontend, development of backend to deploying your website to the server.

12. What tools and technology you’ll be using to develop the project and what is your proficiency in it?

The performance of your website largely depends on the tools and technology used. There are different technologies out there that can be used for the specific needs of the business. You may also need to know their proficiency in the technology and tools being used to develop your website.

13. Can you share some of your past projects?

Company’s past projects are a great tool to evaluate their expertise and proficiency. Looking at the design, navigation, performance, features, etc of the past websites, you can get an idea of the quality of their work. If you find a website that matches your brand style or is of same industry find out what features and things they have worked on. This may even help you to add some functionalities and features to your website.

Your website reflects your brand in the digital world. So, you really want to make sure nothing goes wrong. Asking these questions upfront, before finalizing the web development company you ensure that you are partnering with the right who can serve the desired result. So, next time you hire a web development company do make sure to ask the above questions. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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