Role of Artificial Intelligence in Changing Web Design & Development

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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Changing Web Design & Development
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May 1, 2019

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The world of technology has travelled a long way – has made lives easier and convenient for the users. The more people get used to the web, the more they demand it to get personalised. Their desire for betterment never ends. To cope up with this rising demand and keep with the pace of technology advancements, web development companies have a lot of challenges to face in order to keep moving and maintain the reputation they hold.

The focus of web developers in India and across the world is on providing the highest degree of user experience to their clients. For which they have become more prudent while choosing the right processes of designing, and better techniques to remain in the limelight.

The user interface is today one of the major elements, responsible for getting a website in user’s good books. The users have become more intelligent, hence it becomes crucial to have smart web solutions at their disposal and that is where ‘Artificial Intelligence’ comes in the picture.

Many if not all web development companies in India are trying to configure AI features in their web applications so as to provide the best-in-class web solutions to the clients.

Let’s figure out the major role of Artificial Intelligence in web development in this write-up to gain some detailed knowledge about the same.

Essence of Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most common names in the world of technology and is also the essential topic about which every web development company is talking about nowadays. The reason is nothing but the absolute potential it holds to transform the way web development is at present.

It is a technique which emphasizes on creating intelligent machines, tools, and programs which work exactly like human beings. They are just like the virtual robots which understand the absolute nature and requirements of the user and function in the same manner to deliver the solutions which work accurately as desired.

Machine learning, which is one of the branches of artificial intelligence, offers the advantage of person-machine interaction. With this technology, web applications adapt themselves over time by observing and learning the habits, nature, and preferences of the user. This way, the applications do not make the same mistakes repeatedly as they modify or optimise the solutions on the basis of their past experiences.

How is AI Changing Web Development?

As far as now, you must have understood the very nature of artificial intelligence in making web development better. Here are some of the major reasons why web development companies are intending to bring in the AI technology to their web application development processes.

#1. Making Search Faster

Being a client or customer, what do you require the most? Fastest and easiest way to get the desired information, right? That’s what is offered by the AI integrated web applications. Voice searching tool or commonly known as voice assistant is one of the hottest and the most demanding tools offered by artificial intelligence. It has certainly changed the way users search for their intended information over the Internet.

#2. Interaction With Users Is Now Better Than Ever

AI integrated web applications have made it easier to communicate with the clients through Chatbots. The level of interaction is similar to that as in case of a human customer support executive. The chatbots are intelligently designed and programmed to respond, resolve and memorize customers’ queries on the go. Memorize, so as to make future conversations more personalized and efficient.

Users hardly interpret that they are chatting with a robot at the other end. The immediate reactions and responses make the user feel valuable – it certainly enhances the brand value and make them come back to your app more often than usual. Procedures get simplified, sales see a growing graph and most importantly humans can get involved in other important business aspects like strategizing, market research, trend evaluation and more. A lot of businesses have implemented chatbots and are registering fruitful numbers.

#3. Relevant Client Experience

The AI features help to adapt your website better as per the users’ needs. The real-time learning or the machine-learning technology analyses the customer’s mood and understands his/her requirements, and on the basis of the information received, the websites are dynamically modified accordingly, making client-handling process simplified and automated.

#4. Marketing Made More Effective

In the case of e-commerce marketers, the artificial intelligence has a lot to offer. The machine-learning technique, which is a part of AI as well as Big Data analysis, allows making better predictions of the customers’ demands on the basis of their nature. You can be more clear about the matters like the upcoming needs of the customers, types of products which annoys them, preferred platform or channel through which clients visit your website, price threshold suitable to the clients, and so on, and accordingly make better strategies for your business development.

Finishing up

The ultimate goal of a web development company is to satisfy web requirements of the clients and creating user interface that’s easy-to-navigate and understand. Artificial intelligence fulfills such objectives and that is the reason why web development companies in India and around the world are focusing on implementing AI features in their future apps.

With the potential to make applications easier and smarter, artificial intelligence is actually changing the way web development is now and how it will be in future. As technology continues to evolve, it is estimated that AI-powered web apps will bring more revolutionary concepts to the table in future. So get ready to witness some of the exceptional products in future and embrace yourself to get them included in your version of the product too.

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