9 Popular Wireframing and Prototyping Tools

9 Popular Wireframing and Prototyping Tools
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May 1, 2019

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“Convert your thoughts into Flows”

Have you ever wonder how to quickly showcase your concept hierarchy to the clients? If not then you failed to take advantage of the tools which are specially designed and easy to represent the idea and flow of your concept.

Prototyping or wireframing opens the doors for designing/development and doubles the efficiency by lesser efforts. With running various shapes and size of prototyping tools and picking up the best and right tool among them for your requirement seems quite confusing.

1. InVision

Invision is the ideal choice for preparing high fidelity. Additionally, Invision + Sketch and Invision + Adobe provides the great help to the designers for creating a high-end product. Invision caters to create fine and interactive prototypes, real-time design collaboration and share to visualize.

In vision

  • Platform: Web-based (Cloud)
  • Cost: Free – $99/mo
  • When to use: Best for low fidelity
  • Traffic: Around 12.76M Last Month in June

2. Marvel App

Marvel app lets you design a prototyping and also lets you synchronize your design from cloud storage like Google Drive. In addition to this, added features are you can add Sketch plugin and integrate it with slack to share the activity on the prototype.
Marvel app

  • Platform: Web-based (Cloud)
  • Cost: Free – $56/mo
  • When to use: Low fidelity
  • Traffic: Nearby 2.20M Last Month in June

3. Moqups

All in one platform providing to design wireframes, mockups, diagrams and prototypes too. The best feature available is work remotely on the cloud on any device and anywhere without downloading or Uploading any file.


  • Platform: Web-based
  • Cost: $13/mo – $29/mo
  • When to use: Low to Medium fidelity
  • Traffic: More than 1.59M Last Month in June

4. AxureRP

An awesome platform for outlining rich prototype with the few clicks. The detailed features like validation, conditional view, math functions, animations etc are an added properties available with the platform.


  • Platform: Mac, Windows
  • Cost: $29/mo – $99/mo
  • When to use: High fidelity
  • Traffic: Nearby 929.90k Last Month in June

5. Balsamiq

Start building and designing wireframes for The Web, Mobile and Desktop. Balsamiq supports great with the designing wireframes and collaborating on the same one page with the team about the elements and other additional stuff.


  • Platform: Web-based, Windows, Mac
  • Cost: Various Plans
  • When to use: Low fidelity
  • Traffic: Around 657.77k Last Month in June

6.Fluid UI

Design wireframe or prototype whichever you want for your application whether it is for the Web, Mobile or Desktop. Live video hangouts, comments and chat make it more comfortable to work with. Designed for all Widgets, Screens and Gestures.


  • Platform: Web-based and Mobile
  • Cost: Free – $65/mo
  • When to use: Medium to high fidelity
  • Traffic: Upto 174.11k Last Month in June

7. JustInMind

Caters with the preloaded templates and UI kits. Take any of the templates you like and customize it as you require and you are ready to fly with the fully functional prototype. Allocate the back and forward linking and by clicking redirect to the screens you have linked.


  • Platform: Web-based
  • Cost: $29/mo
  • When to use: High fidelity
  • Traffic: More than 360.66k Last Month in June

8. Mockplus

Make your prototype quickly and smartly with the ease followed by the concept WYSIWYG. Visualize the total interaction of the prototype that you have designed with the help of the many available icons and components. Just drag and drop the elements and you are ready to go with the prototype.


  • Platform: Web-based
  • Cost: Free – $129/yr
  • When to use: High fidelity
  • Traffic: Nearer 279.11k Last Month in June

9. Origami Studio

Origami is more popular and used by the designers at Facebook. The main reason is it was built at Facebook. Take layers from the Sketch, modify the masks and last but not the least the live cameras an additional advantage to play with the prototype.


  • Platform: Web-based
  • Cost: Free
  • When to use: High fidelity
  • Traffic: Upto 82.66k Last Month in June

These are my findings but if you can suggest other tools that can be useful as well then please comment below so that I would be able to add them to the list or else you can contact at [email protected] or Hire us – Top rated web & mobile app development company for more update. Personally, we love to use Axure.com for prototyping and wireframe.

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