Read This Before You Convert Your Website into an Android App

Read This Before You Convert Your Website into an Android App
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March 21, 2024

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Gone are the days when everybody was after building a website for their business; today the demand has shifted to mobile apps. It is a proven fact now that the experience offered by a mobile app is way better than a website on a mobile device.

The big social media giant, Facebook opted the mobile way in the past and registered a staggering growth of 700% in the total number of users. Today, most of us have stopped using Facebook on our big desktop screens rather we are comfortable using it on our mobile devices or smartphones in particular.

Imagine, if Facebook didn’t ever think of going mobile and continued with having a web-only version. It would not have made this big and its growth would have been stagnant.

Here, your situation is quite similar. You own a website but never thought of consulting a mobile app development company for building a mobile app. What would you lose? I guess you’d lose out on more than 50% of new customers that are active on mobile.

A stat says that mobile contributes more than 51% of all Internet traffic.

This means it’s probably high time to get in touch with mobile app developers and get your version of the app ready before it’s too late.

So, the question here is should you target Android first or iOS? We’d say it depends on your target audience, region your business is popular in and multiple other factors. We begin with why you need to embark your mobile journey with Android.

Reasons to convert your website into an Android mobile app

– Your Reach Becomes Wide

The first and foremost reason would be that the audience using Android devices is higher than the ones using iOS. According to a study, Android-powered smartphones account for over 85% of all smartphones in the world. This means you unleash the power of targeting a large section of society, unlike iOS or Windows whose market share is not as huge as the Android’s. So, going with Android and transforming your website into an Android app totally makes sense.

– Quick to Deploy

Yes, the Android apps are quick to deploy. The process to get through the formalities of the Apple App Store is intense and time-consuming. It normally takes around two-three weeks or even a month in some cases to approve and publish your app on the store. While in case of Android, the process takes hardly a day or two to get your app ready for the audience to download.

– Scope of Customization

Being an open-source platform and widely used one too, Android offers a range of customization options. There aren’t any limitations to integrate third-party plug-ins or APIs in your app. You can hire mobile app developers to do things that aren’t conventional or customize your app to whatever degree you want.

– No Annual Charges

To publish your app to the Google Play Store, all you need to pay is a lifetime registration fee of $25. However, in case of iOS, there is an annual charge of $99 that is required to be submitted in order to keep your app live and running on the App Store.

– Tools are Readily Available for Free

There is no direct fee for an Android app development company to access and use the Android operating system. In addition, the tools and the development framework are also free for the app developers to use and produce mobile apps that matter to the world.

– Android is Scalable and Comes with Cross-Channel Support

Written in Java, the Android apps offer businesses an opportunity to scale and reach out to new potential customers on different operating systems like BlackBerry, Ubuntu and Symbian.

So, now when you are aware of benefits of building an Android app for your business, we take you through the process of converting your website into an Android app.

Steps to Turn your Website into an Android App

To get the things done you need to hire mobile app developers who help you sail the boat and achieve the desired results. Even if the programming is not involved, you’d need their support to make sure that right blocks are joined. Here’s what developers do.

1. Analysis of Website’s Current Functionalities

When converting a website into a mobile app, analyzing features is crucial to understand how the app will be presented to the end users and with what features? It’s important to understand that a website and an app solve purposes differently. Some features are website-only while the app is built with only the essential ones. Developers take note of the same in a highly professional manner.

2. Features that Matter

While keeping users’ requirements in mind, project manager creates a list of features that make sense and can’t be avoided. The specific purpose of each feature is elaborated in this phase. Developers get a clear view of what the prime objective of the app is and its relative features, allowing them to draft a roadmap for the tasks to be achieved.

3. Getting the Basics Right

A user interface that’s pleasing to eyes, easy to navigate and capable of solving purpose makes it up for an optimal user experience. Designers have to be good at what they do with the new app’s design because that is what’ll make or break your business on mobile. Incorporating the basic color scheme of your website in your Android app totally makes sense but make sure all the particularities of mobile are kept in mind while designing. Always, always and always think about your users.

4. Game of Skills

Finally, it’s down to app developers to show some skills. Apart from using the conventional environment for building apps, various third-party APIs, tools and technologies are used when converting a website into a mobile app. A bunch of quality developers can help you win the battle of technologies.

How much does it cost to build an android app from a website?

There is no magic wand to determine the cost of app development from an existing website. Each website is different and comes with its own set of features and functionalities. So, in order to find the answer of above-mentioned question, the simplest approach would be to get in touch with the experts, probably a mobile app development company in India that’s experienced and skilled. Professionals can help you evaluate the cost of building the app based on the features, complexities and efforts & resources involved.

Concluding lines

Patience is the key to success. Mobile app development also asks for patience and a fair bit of it. You need to believe in your idea and plans and keep moving forward. Shortcuts bring short success while continuous hard work and perseverance invite you to join hands with success forever. So, keep it simple, keep working towards your goals, plan for short targets, achieve them and switch to the new ones. For assistance or guidance, you can always connect with us. We’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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