Android P – New Features, Release Date and Download Developer Preview

Android P – New Features, Release Date and Download Developer Preview
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May 1, 2019

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Just like last year, Google has released its latest version of Android for developers in March just before its I/O in May.

The official name of Android 9.0 or the mysterious Android “P” is still a head-scratcher and we can only guess some names of the desserts that start with P.

However, one thing seems to be crystal clear that  Android P is packed with some amazing features that you’ll love to have on your smartphone.

Along with enhancing the performance of the OS, Google has worked on visual and design as well as added new features in accordance with the trends of smartphone and hardware of the devices. So what are the new features in Android P? Here take a look.

Top New Features in Android P

  1. Improved App Performance
  2. HDR VP9 Videos and HEIF Image Compression
  3. Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT
  4. Display Cutout Support
  5. Enhanced Notifications
  6. Multi-Camera Support and Camera Updates
  7. Better Privacy

#1. Improved App Performance

Google claims to improve performance and efficiency of the apps with Android’s runtime- ART. ART’s execution profile has been expanded that would optimize the apps and reduce the in-memory footprint of compiled app code. Dan Galpin from Android Developers says, “ART uses profile information for the on-device rewriting of Dex files with reductions of up to 11% across popular apps This correlates closely with the reduction in system DEX memory and faster startup times.”

#2. HDR VP9 Videos and HEIF Image Compression

Android P comes with built-in HDR VP9 Profile 2 for HDR enabled movies that will cater the best viewing experience. They also added improved image compression with HEVC compressed HEIF images (High-Efficiency Image Format or HEIF is image version of HEVC) that would provide smaller downloads and less on-device storage.

#3. Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT

Google has added the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol—also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT)—to let you take advantage of indoor positioning in your apps on the supported devices. This is expected to enhance the in-building navigation experience.

Android P HDR VP9 Videos and HEIF Image Compression

(Source-Android Developers)

#4. Display Cutout Support

With the growing trend of bezel-less phones, Google has added the support of edge-to-edge display functionality in its upcoming Android P. It enables the status bar to adapt its height automatically and provides a bunch of options for the display that helps the Android developers to craft the apps to give the users a fulfilling experience. The developers can determine the existence and placement of the cutout areas where the camera and speaker are placed using the getDisplayCutout() method.

Android P Display Cutout Support

(Source-Android Developers)

#5. Enhanced Notifications

Not only the look but also the functionality of the notification area has been enhanced. Android P makes it easy to reply to the messages with the quick replies. The user can directly reply from the notification drop down without opening the app.

 (Source-Android Developers)

#6. Multi-Camera Support and Camera Updates

Recently the smartphones have come up with dual front or dual back cameras. It would be amusing to see the multi-camera support on Android P that would open up new possibilities of photography on the mobile phones. Google claims to provide amazing camera experience such as seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision through its new multi-camera support.

#7. Better Privacy

Android P has restricted the access to the microphone, camera and sensors when the app is ideal or running in the background. In this way, the privacy of the users can be protected from malicious apps.

The official release of Android P is expected in August this year. If you are an android developer or a curious geek who likes to flash his Google Pixel phone, click here to get Android P.

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