Why creating Minimal Viable Product should be the first step for your application idea?

Why creating Minimal Viable Product should be the first step for your application idea?
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Start with the Small before making it bigger!!!!

Reason to shift first to the MVP

Introducing concept to the world before investing much amount of time and cost is a smart move one should make. The main reason for the popularity of MVP is Lean startup methodology – referred as to shorten the product development cycle and invest the time into the release of the iterative product and services. In general for businesses why not to make A2A before implementing full B2B. Sounds pretty good, isn’t it?

Smaller is a New Trend

Due to the iterative model release concept, Most of the Product Owner/Manager tends to the MVP- the first release of their product with the basic attributes and readily(quickly) enters the market. Jow dropping designs with the conceptual development at first launch will bang the market comparatively. Investing extra amount of time, cost and efforts and getting least business value make no sense rather make your first release i.e MVP like a beam of lesser that focuses on the key part leaving all fascinating features for later build.

What should it all about?

Before building out the product make sure the evaluation about does your product seriously solves the problem? Is it really stands out among already available product and easy to operate? If you are able to find the answer with no possibility of doubts then go ahead you are on the right track.

MVP for any Web site development or and Mobile app development

Benefits of MVP

1. Cost effective:

As of being a tech savvy and picking up the high-end technologies would cost you much if you would like to have many features which can be add-on only. But by originating with the MVP with the problem-solving point of view would cost you less.

2. Faster:

“Take a shot in the Dark and make it a shiny star”. Because of fewer functionalities, the outcome for the first publish would be comparatively quick.

3. User feedback:

By evolving some of the targeted users, prepares some strategies and validate the product before full launch with the User feedback. Target the troop rather going with the huge arena.

 Industry based MVP

As per various industries, the MVP demands differs based on the industry needs, business cases and the user prospects obviously. As of now taking an IT industry into account and triggering the MVP for any Web site development or and Mobile app development, as per my reasoning, there are some basic before approaching concepts which may help to escalate.

1. Big picture with the Breakdowns:

As of having a conceptual idea that can be a game changer, by preparing business plan including Structure of products, Module management, Strategic planning, Putting a team together, Task definition, back analysis etc.

2. Determine the Crowd:

Evaluate for whom you are targeting as an audience and who is your future customers can be, which issues customers are facing and how would solution help them to overcome the obstacles.

3. Inspection and take a Review:

Use the free survey with that pre-evaluated group of the users about the concept before building the thought.

Genres of MVP

1. Wireframe

Less invested and more understandable by tech savvy who visualize the awesomeness of flow, wireframes are the best fit to take the first move. Who are into this rows for them you would be needing more picturized one.

2. Mockup

The mockup is all about the favorable guide for those who don’t fall into the completely tech savvy but intermediate to understand and envision the end product. Mockup deals with some tricky beautification by which users tend to accept the product.

3. Clickable prototype

Prototyping covers the Enchanting appearance including the impressive moves, engaging images and eye-catching colors with the clickable and movable visualization assists tech savvy to extremely out of the scope person to understand the what product is come out next.

4. Fundamental “Ideal” version

More fascinating and basically deployed with the custom coding and well architected optimal form and is ready to fly with the already defined flow.

Various Tools for ready to start with MVP

Last but not the least by choosing the tools MVP development would more fun. As of having a theoretical idea about the birth of the idea to the product’s MVP version let’s find out which tools can be helping hand for the same. There are bulk of tools for preparing the wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes but you need to wisely choose some of them. As of talking about me I am more obsessed and touched with the Axure RP, Balsamiq and Mockingbird tools help to create a nice, interactive and shareable Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes.

To wrap up all these phases by investing less cost, efforts and time develop the idea that can evaluate the market and your business value by different prospects results MVP.

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