What are the credentials you should check before hiring a Software Development Company

What are the credentials you should check before hiring a Software Development Company
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March 15, 2023

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There are thousands of companies/agencies in the market nowadays. The most difficult task can be to hire an agency/company among this thousand well established or rapidly emerging companies who have left their marks in the development of any projects. Earlier because of moderate availability of tools and platforms, without shadows of doubt companies could be hired based on their well-deployed portfolio and tremendous after services provided by them. But in today’s scenario, you cannot rely on one aspect of the company because of the excessive competition. You should check out the presence of the company on portals which give you a brief about the work of the company as well as the client testimonial plays the crucial part of this analysis.

Jack of all and Master of None” – Listing out everything and not having expertise in anything, leads others to drop the potential and Professional web and mobile app development Company/Agency.

As mentioned the presence of the company plays the most significant part, one should go through the different platforms where generally companies showcase their work including web development, Mobile App development, cloud deployment using the cloud services and the newly emerging MEAN stack development.

Further below listed checklist which should be more effective in choosing and agency for Web development and Mobile App development,

1. B2B Review and Research Platform:-

Decade ago, the client has not enough sources to identify any genuine or proven platform from where they can decide to go into the particular way to choose the company. In today’s era, there are well-authenticated platforms available from where you can have an overall company information including the client testimonials, pricing, company strength, location etc. They proceed with the marketing channel review, website review and client interview from where they cross verify the details provided by the company at the time of the registration and after reviewing the lists the company by the marking and the listing the key client’s reviews which are the best part of this platform to go through and check for the particular registered firm. Clutch.co and GoodFirms are the most trending review and research B2B platforms which enlist the companies based on their own predefined methodology.

2. Design Portals:-

By keeping in the mind the designs widely appeals the clients/customers while reviewing the portfolios. Tech savvy or not both can review the design portfolio at “Dribbble – a designer community“, where you can follow the designers over the globe and can share, promote, like and comment for their uploaded work. Just like any social community, it is the place for targeted designers or an artist’s point of view. As similar as the dribbble there is another platform named “Behance – showcase and discover“, another worth reviewing social designer community platform and get featured in their refined gallery by their skilled team. This can be done by only obeying some standards they have. It would be a great proud for anyone’s own way to get featured from the thousands of crowded artists listed on the platform.

Techuz InfoWeb - Dribbble

3. Website Overview and the Portfolio:-

Once you have gone through the Company Portfolio, make sure not to skip the client testimonials for that particular project or the overall company work togetherness. Also, not to miss the visit the Company Website – a less taken into account while designing but plays the major role into the decision making because the website is the first visible impression on any client mind.

4. The social network presence:-

The Social network presence would elaborate more about the company’s activity and participation in the surroundings. This would include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook etc. These are pretty much known by everyone so it would be meaningless to introduce them by their name only as they have their own benefits to hook up with the world either professionally or socially in both the way.

5. Technical Presence:-

Excelling in the technical communication/interview is important but proving a proof is the main additional key for the right fit. The GitHub profile or a StackOverflow profile plays a vital role.

6. Sample code:-

Before finalizing an agency make sure you ask for the sample code or provide the simple screening task. That will definitely guide you through the coding standards followed by that agency.

7. Tools used by the firm:-

As per concern about the project life cycle that should be well managed and the task should be defined properly to overcome the late delivery problems or the mess in the coding structure. There are various tools available in the market likewise Teamwork for project management, JIRA for issue tracking and GIT as a repository used by many firms. It can make the process effortless and in proper timely manner.

8. Meeting with the Technical team:-

After all the screening process for the technological stack and tools, it is time to arrange a meeting with that agency In person or over the communication channel like Skype/Slack used by you both.

Now as you are well aware of the screening for credentials and what to take into account before hiring an Agency/Company move forward for the next move for your project development with this process and on later part decide the best fit for your project. Note that, it’s very rare that all the firm meets all the above-listed criteria but yes they may be the nearer fit. After having a consultative meeting you would be in a position for the further hiring.

Techuz Infoweb Pvt Ltd is excited to climb new heights by providing solutions and services on newly emerging technologies and trends. As it is already in the forefront for its world class services and ongoing warm client relationships. For more information, you can reach us by [email protected]

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