Top 9 Websites Built using Vue.JS

Top 9 Websites Built using Vue.JS
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March 26, 2024

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JavaScript is known to minimize the server validation for the data and boost up the performance of the website in terms of loading speed and request-response ratio. With the various frameworks and libraries like Angular, React and Vue, it’s easy to develop highly complex and scalable web application using it and with the high-end security features on the backend using Node JS and various DB providers to manage a large amount of data.

If we talk about Vue.JS, the initial release was launched in February 2014 but its stable version was released on March 2018. However, even before it’s first stable release it had already grabbed the attention of developers and got the popularity in the market due to the benefits like flexibility, simple integration methods and two-way communication.

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List of Top 9 Website Developed using Vue.JS

Let me share my knowledge on some of the industry giants which has considered Vue.JS for their business case and implemented whole website/partial modules of the website using Vue.JS.

#1. 9gag


9gag is a social networking website similar to Facebook with the newsfeed categories like Hot, Trending and Fresh categories. They have used Vue.JS for front-end to make it lightweight and highly responsive. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 164.63M visitors in July 2018.

#2. Behance


Behance is one of the widely used websites by the Graphic designers to showcase their talents across the world. They has used Vue.JS as a front-end programming language. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 49.29M visitors in July 2018.

#3. Nintendo


Nintendo is a gaming console website from where gamers can buy their favorite games. Nintendo has made a choice to use Vue.JS for the front-end. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 37.92M visitors in July 2018.

#4.  Chess


The online gaming website has used Vue JS as a part of the front-end development for some of the website modules. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 35.10M visitors in July 2018.

#5. Gitlab


Gitlab is a web-based version controlling repository for the source code which has several membership options. The individual/organization can select one based on their requirement. It is developed using Vue on the front-end. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 22.11M visitors in July 2018.

#6. Wizzair


The airline company Wizzair is using Vue JS for their official website to manage flight, hotel and cab booking. Along with that, the user can check-in, manage the boarding via website and lot more. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 20.28M visitors in July 2018.

#7. Font Awesome

Font Awesome

Font Awesome provides icons and social logos for both web and desktop application. They allow to download the basic icons offline as well you can purchase advanced icons. They have used Vue JS on the front-end to make the website faster. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 11.48M visitors in July 2018.

#8. Laravel

The official website of Laravel uses Vue JS on the front-end and even while installing the Laravel, it takes Vue JS as a default front-end language since it’s lightweight and simple to integrate. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 7.91M visitors in July 2018.

#9. Laracasts


Laracasts is a kind of Netflix for those who are looking to learn Laravel. It has multiple courses to learn various modules of Laravel. It’s developed using Vue JS. As per the statistics of SimilarWeb, it has 5.67M visitors in July 2018.

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