Tesla Mobile App – A Peep into the Future of Automobile IOT

Tesla Mobile App – A Peep into the Future of Automobile IOT
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March 15, 2023

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Tesla Inc.?

Of course electric cars! Maybe performance and aesthetic designs. And probably the most important-innovation.

This American automobile company manufactures state of the art luxury on four wheels that is a combination of performance and efficiency. This has made their distinct identity and separates them from the rest of the car manufacturers.  And one more thing that makes Tesla standout is the Tesla Mobile App.  Since the app was launched,  it has been a rage not only in automobiles but also in mobile app development industry.

Let’s review this app and its features in detail and how it is shaping the future of automobile industry.

What Exactly is Tesla Mobile App?

Tesla Inc. has developed an iOS and Android mobile app for its cars that allows the owner to remotely monitor and control the vehicle or Powerwall from their phone.

The owner can connect the app to the car using their SpaceX email address and password. Once the user is logged in, the app provides diverse options on the home screen such as the model name of the car, status of the car – open doors, trunk or sunroof and even the estimated range of the vehicle. The app is packed with amazing features that allow the owner to monitor and control the car from the smartphone.

Here are some of the key features of the app.

Keyless Driving

If you are among the people who frequently misplace their keys, then this app can be a lifesaver. The keyless driving option turns your smartphone into a car key that allows you access the vehicle. The new update even allows the users to start the car with touch ID.

You might be wondering, “But what if I want to give access to my car to someone else?”

In that case, you just need to add their account to your mobile app and they will be able to use your car.

Valet Mode

The feature of keyless driving and adding accounts sounds amazing. But what if you could provide a limited access when someone borrows your car?  Sounds quite useful, right? Indeed it is. For instance, you want to make sure that the one who is driving your car does not exceed a certain speed limit. Here, you can activate the Valet mode in the app that limits the maximum speed and performance of your Tesla. Not only that, Valet mode also allows you to restrict the access to your vehicle by hiding the data on the touchscreen as well as locking the front trunk and glove compartment.

Summon Button

One of the most unique features of the Tesla cars is the summon mode. And their mobile app even makes it better.  Summon is the feature that allows the user to drive the car remotely(up to 33 feet) at a slow speed. This comes handy for the owner in many situations like entering or leave a narrow garage opening or parking place, a narrow passage where it’s tricky to navigate or pick you up in a shelter when it’s raining. To use this feature, all you have to do is touch the “summon” button on the app and then press and hold the “Forward” or “Reverse” button to navigate the car.

Climate Control

Tesla mobile app also allows you to change the internal temperature of the car remotely. This feature can be quite handy. Imagine it a hot summer day and you need to go out to buy groceries. By the time you check your fridge and make the list, you can cool down the internal temperature of the car beforehand. No more sweating while you turn on the ignition and drive for few minutes. So, whether it be summer or winter, you can adjust the temperature inside the car remotely before you drive.

GPS location

Tesla app also allows you to locate your vehicle via GPS. Not only that it also locates your position in relation to the car. This feature can be quite useful to find your parked car as well as makes it more resistant to theft.

Amazing, isn’t it? Thanks to the Internet of Things and mobile apps that are helping us to advance in the future of automobiles.

How are IoT and Mobile Apps Enhancing Industry?

Tesla Mobile app is a fitting example of what the future of automobiles will look like. The number of industries gaining tremendous benefits from IoT is constantly increasing. And among them, automobiles is one of them. These IoT connected vehicles have opened new possibilities that give access to enhanced functionalities and better control. And all this is possible with just the smartphone in your pocket. Here are some key benefits.

Better Control and Remote Access

You have access to the vehicles and can control various things such as venting and closing the sunroof, locking and unlocking the doors, honking, flashing light and even driving the car just like the summon mode. All these are possible remotely through the app on your smartphone.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Do you worry about your car getting stolen? IoT enabled cars and mobile apps will help you to pacify those thoughts. Since the vehicles are GPS enabled, you get the real-time position and location on your smartphone. In case your car gets stolen, it can be recovered much faster. But before it could happen, the connected car would have already sent an alarm on your smartphone if there was an attempt to break in.

Vehicle Health Status

Tesla has provided the feature to check the range and charge status of the car from the app. This lets the user know the current range he can drive with the charge available. However, the use case is not limited to it. Telematic devices in the vehicle can provide various information about the car’s condition in real time like to monitor and track the driving habits of the owner and help them to improve it.

Wrap Up

IoT app development has tremendously changed the automobile industry. And the fascinating part is, the field is still in its infancy and there is a huge sphere of opportunities yet to be explored. With the marginal competition and users curious to adopt the technology, it is the right time to penetrate and reap the rewards. And we can help you to enter the future of automobiles with our IoT app development expertise. We are Techuz, a top IoT and mobile app development company in India who has catered web and mobile solutions to various automobile companies including Rezvani Motors. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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