Save Cost and Efforts by Doing Web Admin Development Using Admin Theme

Save Cost and Efforts by Doing Web Admin Development Using Admin Theme
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May 1, 2019

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IT industry has been going through a transformation phase and efficiency is one of the primary objectives of that change. Coming back to admin panel development in any web based project development take significant efforts. There are many pre build admin theme/templates which save significant efforts and time. Days are gone, when we need to design admin theme then make them responsive. Still in rare cases, if the project demands custom admin development then we must do that.

Any admin theme consists of many design layouts, UI components, Pre build Pages and plugins. You can easily setup and customize the theme as per project needs by using prebuild features.

As an example, top selling admin theme Metronic has 7 Unique Layouts, Over 1,000 Pages 100+ Integrated Plugins & 1,500+ UI Components. That’s more than enough for decent size project admin panel :) You can view the theme at

Of course, as a user, you like to know more about benefits. So list is as follow –

Latest Technology

These themes are built on latest technologies and update very frequently. Tech stack used for these themes are Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, Angularjs, Reactjs, Gulp etc. Irrespective of your backend language you can always use these themes.

Mobile Ready

Using Bootstrap as a base, themes are fully responsive on all screen resolutions so that’s a big plus as per modern trends. You should keep their standards intake while customization to keep layout responsive.

High Coding Standard

They set the benchmark in terms of code quality and upgrade capability. The code is very clean and we believe when you work with admin theme it helps sometimes to improve project code as well.

Robust Flexibility

Due to tons of layouts, pages, UI components, font Icons, plugins, form widgets and data tables, it creates an endless possibility for customization with very flexible ways.

Maximize Productivity

You can assume that how much time it can save with so much already build and having such flexibility of customization. Believe me, it saves months of time.

Great Reviews and Support

You can visit ThemeForest link to review admin theme list and as an example see Metronic theme users reviews.

Considering costing under $50 of most of the admin theme, what you are waiting for? Let’s buy one and start experimenting. Don’t hesitate to contact us for Angular or React development for customizing Angular/React admin theme.

Looking for timeline and cost estimates for your app?

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Vaibhav S.

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