Super-app for golf players, coaches, and facilities

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Project brief

EnGolfer is a super-app for golf players, coaches, and facilities. Users can schedule matches and practice, manage golf grounds and facilities, and connect with a community of golf enthusiasts. Key features of the platform include a payment processing system using Stripe, search functionality with multiple filters, golf classes/practice/ground scheduling and management, and instant messaging. We provided end-to-end design and development services for the application.

  • budget

    $25K to 50K

  • duration

    6 Months - 1 Year

  • deliverables
    • UX
    • UI
    • golf court booking system
    • Advanced scheduling
    • Advanced search
    • real time notification
    • socket chat
    • FCM integration
    • AWS infrastructure
    • payment gateway (paypal, stripe)
    • Payouts (stripe)

Technology stack we use

  • Android Native

    android native

  • IOS Native

    ios native

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