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Neo4j is specially designed graph database which helps to develop the social network portal like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn

Graph Database Company

Neo4J is the exceptional choice for graph database that is helping enterprises to build superior products which fit into today’s evolving data challenges. Compared to RDBMS, it has a graph storage structure with the index-free model which results in faster transactions and processing for data relationships. In the design where data relationships are social graphs, Neo4J does data processing from 10 to 100 times faster than other databases. Techuz is a graph database company in India which pioneered this technology.

Why Neo4J ?

Are you still using RDBMS for friend of a friend relation? Then you need to take a good look at Neo4J which is specifically designed for social or graph relationships.RDBMS has its limitations, it may be one of the best systems out there for normal enterprise applications but there are some parts it is not made for. With increasing reliance on connectivity in databases with the advent of technologies like IoT, more and more systems are being connected. Techuz has been one of the first graph database solution companies to understand this problem and offer a unique solution to our clients. Our engineers have achieved fantastic results using this technology and we hope to service yours too very soon. Some of Neo4J’s best advantages are listed below.

  • Social Network

    Social Network

    Neo4J provide fresh possibilities for creating an innovative social network by leveraging advantage of graph technology to explore the new relationships and recommendations among connections.

  • Real Time recommendations

    Real Time recommendations

    When there is huge interconnected data then the Neo4J graphics model helps to find personalized user recommendations and explore complex searches in real time.

  • Identity and Access Management

    Identity and Access Management

    In enterprise products user roles, relationships, group's, products, access permission etc. make the system very complex but with Neo4J managing and finding data with this depth is very easy and quick.

Why Techuz?

Techuz is a graphical database design company that pioneered the use of popular graph database Neo4J in India. We were the first to recognize the need of graph database solutions amongst all players who are still focused on traditional database model systems. Having worked with Neo4J for a public platform, we have what it takes to build a complete turnkey solution using graph database and Neo4J that can show you relationships which may benefit your business in more ways than you can imagine.

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