LED Auditing Tool

LED Auditing tool is a specific design tool for LED industries where the sales manager goes to the client’s place to audit existing lights system and gather all information, in order to propose the best replacement which shall provide benefit in terms of huge saving in electricity bills as well give quality light to the client. We did a lot of research while creating this tool in order to understand business needs and efficient process cycle.

  • Mobile Application - IOS/Android

    Mobile Application - IOS/Android

    We have developed an application for iOS and Android tablets which help an auditor or sales manager to go to the client location and take all information of existing lights e.g. location area, photos, fixture, lamp type, attributes, uses, cost etc. The application can be used online or offline mode and synchronized with web database to store information.

  • Product Catalog Managment

    Product Catalog Managment

    Admin can manage new light products with all attributes, specifications and associated cost at the web version of the application. This helps while finding the best replacement of light.

  • Matching Algorithms

    Matching Algorithms

    These are well-researched algorithms which find a unique matched new light for any existing light. This works with light type, attributes, lumens, fixture etc. matching. Items which do not have any auto match can be assigned to admin, who can define manual match while searching into product database.

  • Automatic Proposal Generation

    Automatic Proposal Generation

    After matching is completed, the system will generate a PDF proposal based on the type of finance model which shows the cost of current electricity bill, new lights, and new electricity bill along with yearly saving calculated over 5-10 years. This helps the client to understand what is the benefit if they switch to new lights.

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