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iPhone app helps you to get most payable audience for your application

iPhone Application Development Company

While an Android app offers a reach out to more users, an iPhone app on the other hand offers a focused user base and higher revenue because iPhones hold a relatively higher market share in North America, Europe, UK and Australia. If your app relies on early revenue or targets, then iPhone app development will be best choice as there are fewer apps to compete with and higher chances getting to revenue generation stage fast. It will help you get some capital for your app or start-up.

  • Attractive UI design

    Attractive UI design

    We believe design is not about how it looks, it’s about how it works so our goal is to build products that are successful, engaging and with a strong presence in user’s life.

  • Push Notification

    Push Notification

    Its a wonderful feature to retain the user because we can send customized reminder messages via push notifications in real time, no matter whether the App is active or inactive.

  • In App Purchase

    In App Purchase

    Appstore offers 5 times more revenue per download, with much higher user retention rates compare to Android. It enables premium features of an application and allows user to purchase Add-ons, rewards, upgrades etc.

  • Rest API Integration

    Rest API Integration

    It enables your app to get the data from third party services in iPhone app to get the more features in pocket.

  • Map/AD Integration

    Map/AD Integration

    Every business wan to reach out to the more customer, for that we can integrate the Map to get the user location with GPS configuration and can show the AD to target audience in iPhone app.

  • Online-Offline Data Synchronization

    Online-Offline Data Synchronization

    To have seamless experience for iPhone app user this feature helps to app work without network connectivity. When the network connection is restored to the device, locally changed data sync with their servers automatically.

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