Freelancing Market Place

Trends have been growing to hire people online either remotely or at a nearby location. People who need freelancers are hiring resources across the globe and if they need local services like plumbing, painting etc. then they are hiring local service providers. A marketplace provides a bridge to connect people. We have created many marketplace solutions with different concepts which serve different purposes.

  • Demand and Supply channel

    Demand and Supply channel

    Whether it’s a client or a service provider both have their needs and they come to a marketplace to find a solution for that needs. The client needs resources and resources need projects. Our marketplace solution has focused on best matching algorithms which help the client to find best resources on affordable price and at same time service provider get desired business.

  • Complex Payment structure

    Complex Payment structure

    Multi-layer payment model in marketplace needs an experience and expertise to execute it in the right way. Payment involves escrow setup, optimizing multilayer charges and success ratio of transactions which are an integral part of our solution.

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